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Hey guys! - My name is Ashley and I am a Transsexual adult actress and model from Chicago! I am 20 years old and started in the industry at the tender age of 18, with a little help from people in high places who had faith in me! You can find me on several websites and a few DVD's, including my first feature DVD "Losing My Virginity" released by SheMale Club.

Some Recents…

I had so many other sexy ones but forgot to get them from the studio! BOO! Well I hope you enjoy these from the latest photosets on ….

Oh and some random candids too…

Check this out guys

The first, a picture from October 23rd 2009 and one from November 8th 2010, look how I’ve changed! Pretty neat huh? I thought it was! Anyways, have a great day!

My latest set

My latest set on my website is my first set with my new boobs! They are a 34/DD-E and they look fantastic, they still have to drop but I can feel them changing by the day and I’m loving every minute of having them. Hope you like them, and for those who have anything negative to say keep it to yourself because I can assure you that I do not care! With that being said, here are a few pics …


Update on my surgery

Hey everyone… so as I’m typing those I am laying in bed recovering from my breast implants. I had my surgery here in Chicago at 7AM this morning, Mimi and our friend Stephanie came with us. I was soo nervous all morning up until the operating room. But before I knew it I was awake with my new breasts and in a LOT of pain and discomfort. Going from about a 34A to a 34DD was painful, because of the 500cc cohesive gel implants the doctor used. Right now from what I can see, they look GREAT! In perfect proportion to my 5’7″ , 34″ frame. I can’t wait to show them off, but it will take sometime for the swelling to stop and the breasts to drop.I promise I will post some cute pictures soon and a video from the morning of surgery! Thanks so much to all my members for continually supporting my website, I hope you will like my new sexy look ;)!




Okay so big news! I’m gettin my boobs done on September 27th! Exciting RIIIGHT?! Yeah I know it is … I’ve been waiting a LONG time for this and to think that it’s really happening is surreal! Well anyways, here are a few recent random pics!



The Latest!!

Hope you all like!

Ash xoxo


First Day of Class

Pre-View My Interracial Scene

Click there to see a few short clips of my most recent interracial oral adventure. He’s just a guy I met walking home and we decided to have a lil fun 😉 Check it out.

My First Interracial Scene

Hey ya’ll!! What’s goin on? Not much here but I thought I’d update my blog with my first interracial scene that is about to go up on! This black stud had the THICKEST 9-inch monster cock I’ve ever seen, I mean it is just HUGE! You’ll have to join my website to see my gag and suck on his monster cock! Hehe

Andddd how could I forget these GORGEOUS photos with my girl Mimi Plastique from the other day at the Lake!! And you HAVE to check out her site that just opened , it is so gorgeous and make sure to join her forum!