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Hey guys! - My name is Ashley and I am a Transsexual adult actress and model from Chicago! I am 20 years old and started in the industry at the tender age of 18, with a little help from people in high places who had faith in me! You can find me on several websites and a few DVD's, including my first feature DVD "Losing My Virginity" released by SheMale Club.

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Enjoy the new look of!

Hey everyone! I hope you’re enjoying my re-designed website as much as I am! I think it’s gorgeous & classy just like I wanted. Big thank you’s to the team, Isabelle, Jasmine, Nick and everyone else! I am so excited for my new website I hope you will all join ย and get off! LOL. I will be doing free weekly cam-shows for my members starting soon as well so stay tuned for info on that when it’s ready. So I think I’ve been successful in turning Jasmine Jewels into a cat lady haha! She adopted some lovely Persian kittens recently who are just brimming with energy and life, they are wonderful!

Some more random pictures from this month, my new bellybutton piercing and ย my new hair!

Some Recents…

I had so many other sexy ones but forgot to get them from the studio! BOO! Well I hope you enjoy these from the latest photosets on ….

Oh and some random candids too…

Update on my surgery

Hey everyone… so as I’m typing those I am laying in bed recovering from my breast implants. I had my surgery here in Chicago at 7AM this morning, Mimi and our friend Stephanie came with us. I was soo nervous all morning up until the operating room. But before I knew it I was awake with my new breasts and in a LOT of pain and discomfort. Going from about a 34A to a 34DD was painful, because of the 500cc cohesive gel implants the doctor used. Right now from what I can see, they look GREAT! In perfect proportion to my 5’7″ , 34″ frame. I can’t wait to show them off, but it will take sometime for the swelling to stop and the breasts to drop.I promise I will post some cute pictures soon and a video from the morning of surgery! Thanks so much to all my members for continually supporting my website, I hope you will like my new sexy look ;)!



My First Interracial Scene

Hey ya’ll!! What’s goin on? Not much here but I thought I’d update my blog with my first interracial scene that is about to go up on! This black stud had the THICKEST 9-inch monster cock I’ve ever seen, I mean it is just HUGE! You’ll have to join my website to see my gag and suck on his monster cock! Hehe

Andddd how could I forget these GORGEOUS photos with my girl Mimi Plastique from the other day at the Lake!! And you HAVE to check out her site that just opened , it is so gorgeous and make sure to join her forum!

I was a naughty NAUGHTY girl in class . .

So I’m sitting here in class and this dude is totally copying off my test! SO not cool! And whats worse is,the teacher caught us and now we have to both stay for detention,LAME! And now the dude is lookin at my boobs,what a perv,and nobody’s around to stop him!So what do I do? Take off my clothes of course…tease him with my soft pink nipples..round bubble butt and smooth sexy tan skin.I twirl my pig-tail and tug on my little tie..begging him to rip my clothes off and have his way with my body. Enjoy my latest steamy & sexy solo scene on!


About to go back home :)

So I’m hanging out here in Chicago getting ready to board my train to New York to visit my family! I’m so excited to see them and my friends…hopefully suck some dick too,along the way or at home…hmmmm! Lol I’m so naughty.Anyways I have some cute pics from my webcam to share..hope you enjoy!



Me & Morgan !

Me & Morgan !

Before my shoot :)

Before my shoot ๐Ÿ™‚



Kickin’ it Old School :) lol

Found some of these olddddd ass pictures from back in the day in high school! Look at my old school look I was rockin haha!

i always had pretty friends ;-)

i always had pretty friends ๐Ÿ˜‰

Party girls !

Party girls !

Best day ever ! <33

Best day ever ! <33

Roadddtrip ! Best day ever again :)

Roadddtrip ! Best day ever again ๐Ÿ™‚

I just love finding old pictures like that ๐Ÿ™‚ I miss my friends a lot! A few of those pictures were from when my friends and I decided to skip school and follow the Physics class bus to Hershey Park (an amusement park) So we packed up our two cars and we were off following the busses! Well we got bored with that and decided to go to Philadelphia.But of course us being our 16 and 17 year old selves got lost along the way haha , so after we stopped and asked for directions at a dingy gas station ย we decided , “Lets go to Amish country!!!” (my friends and I are so random like that)ย It was an 8 hour trip too! It was so much fun though,it was absolutely GORGEOUS out so we had the sunroof down the whole time.Listening to JLO “This Is Me Then” on repeat and of course stopping at Sheetz the gas station for the most delicioussssss sandwiches! Anyways so we finally end up at a kids water amusement park called Dutch Wonderland and we had a BLAAAAASSSSST!! Godddd I miss that fricken day so much,it truly was the best day ever! Whenever I hear the song “Can’t Leave ‘Em Alone” by Ciara I think of that day ’cause I kept playin it on my Ipod haha!

SHEETZ! And my first car,my Nissan Maxima

SHEETZ! And my first car,my Nissan Maxima

BEAUTIFUL countryside

BEAUTIFUL countryside

LOVE it :)

LOVE it ๐Ÿ™‚

Me and Kathy

Me and Kathy



Just got back from LA!

So I just got back from LA with Jasmine!I had succccch an awesome trip,it was my first time in LA and I am o in love with what I saw!We stayed with Morgan Bailey,Amy Daly and Astrid Shay for the week and we had such a blast.Getting to know Astrid and Amy was such a fun expereince,they are both gorgeous,funny and smart girls.We also met some really hot,horny GG’s that want to do scenes with us for our sites,exciting right?! I had my first expereince with pussy the other day LOL!! Luckily the weather wasn’t too bad most of the time and it wasn’t too cold so I could wear shorts and flip flops,LOOVE EMMM!!! Can’t do that here in Chicago.Anyways so my official solo site ย ( has been up for a couple days now and is doing really well,thanks to everyone who has joined!!

I loooooove hot tubs :)

I loooooove hot tubs ๐Ÿ™‚

Announcing my Official Website launch!

Hey everyone! I am soooo excited to announce that I have launched my brand new official website,! I am Shemale-Club’s newest solo girl , isn’t that awesome? It is one of the many goals I hoped to accomplish in my porn career and it feels great to have done it. Thanks go out to Jasmine Jewels for bring me on board,Mimi Plastique,Morgan Bailey and of course Isabelle! It’s been a lot of work and a lot of time but I feel so accomplished to say Iย  did it,of course it’s also been a BLAST too! I’m currently in LA right now for the very first time and absolutely LOOOOVING it, I’ve met soo many cool and awesome people.Anyways I hopeย  that you check out my new site and join of course! I’ll have some pictures up later!

My Official Website

My Official Website

New York , here we come!

Jasmine,Morgan Bailey and I are leaving for New York tomorrow! I am so excited because I’m going Upstate to see my family and plus I LOVE NYC!!!! But I’m so excited because it’s the first leg of our journey across the US to LA! I haven’t got to travel much in my short life so it’s a huge deal for me.I really would love to travel the world someday all over the place to every corner of the world and meet al the people I can and just learn about cultures.I’m a huge nerd ๐Ÿ˜Ž Haha but back on topic,we will be in NY getting into trouble of course!I will post some pictures soon!